2006 State Awards

Awards presented by 69th State President Bryan Privett:

Jaycee of the Year: Shade Gilbert, Conway Jaycees

Chapter of the Year: El Dorado Jaycees

Local President of the Year

  1. John Baine, El Dorado
  2. Keith Gammill, Jonesboro
  3. Molly Jones, Conway
  4. Chris Weeks, Fort Smith
  5. Toby Stephens, Magnolia

Project of the Year: Northeast Arkansas District Fair Concession Stand, Jonesboro Jaycees

2006 Annual Meeting First Timers &Write-Up Winner: Deidra Dilbeck, Conway

Business Development

Marketing and Public Relations

  1. El Dorado Jaycees: Chamber of Commerce Reception
  2. Conway Jaycees: Toad Suck Christmas Extravaganza

Financial Management

  1. Jonesboro Jaycees: Northeast Arkansas District Fair Concession Stand
  2. Jonesboro Jaycees: A Wild Night
  3. Jonesboro Jaycees: Boston Butt Cooking

International Development

State, National, and International Junior Chamber Involvement

  1. El Dorado Jaycees: Arkansas Jaycees Newsletter

Community Development

Community Service

  1. Conway Jaycees: Wheel Chair “Ramp Up”

Children and Youth

  1. El Dorado Jaycees: Easter Egg Hunt
  2. El Dorado Jaycees: South Arkansas Soap Box Derby

Individual Development

Chapter Activities

  1. Conway Jaycees: Luau

Professional Development

  1. Jonesboro Jaycees: ID Seminar

Personal Development

  1. Jonesboro Jaycees: Gorilla Carpentry

New Chapter, Growth, and Membership

  1. El Dorado Jaycees: Magnolia Jaycees Chapter Extension
  2. El Dorado Jaycees: Camden Jaycees Chapter Extension
  3. Jonesboro Jaycees: New Member Orientation and Crawfish Boil